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Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee and Graphic Packaging International create partnership over packaging development

by | Apr 24, 2024

Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee is one of North America’s leading coffee and tea companies and they recently began a collaboration with Graphic Packaging International. This partnership was set up to focus on the creation of the Boardio® paperboard canister, which will serve as a more sustainable solution for packaging coffee and tea.

This partnership and packaging development is an excellent step forwards, especially for Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee, as the company is also the largest supplier of coffee and tea which falls under the private-label category. Therefore, creating a new kind of packaging for their product emphasises the coffee company’s commitment to becoming more sustainable and better for the environment. This is where Graphic Packaging International, the company who manufactured the Boardio® paper board canister comes in. This company is well-known for being a world leader within the sustainable consumer packaging industry, as they manufacture packaging out of alternative materials. Through avoiding the use of plastic, metal or glass, Graphic Packaging Industry’s packaging is better for the environment and it delivers the same freshness and food safety, along with enabling a significant reduction in waste.

The purpose and aim behind this collaboration, was to create a recyclable paperboard canister, which would be specifically designed for packaging coffee, through the use of Graphic Packaging Boardio technology.

The packaging that has been developed very clearly highlights its commitment to sustainability through its improved features such as, a better transport efficiency, a minimum of 50% less plastic and a minimum of 80% paperboard. The transport efficiency is due to the way that Boardio is able to be packed and delivered flat, which consequently means that only three trucks are required for inbound packaging. This is a significant improvement to the packaging design, as previously Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee would require fifty-six trucks to transport coffee packaged in pre-formed cans, the bag format that the company used would require a significantly higher amount of plastic and finally, an added benefit is that the paper that is now used for the packaging is FSC® certified.

This innovative packaging design is not only a brilliant development and step forwards for the environment, but it also displays that the company listens and responds to requests and concerns made by their customers. This is shown through recent research which depicts consumers searching for packaging that is better for the environment, even if it means paying more. A survey was conducted around the new Boardio packaging and the results stated that consumers prefer the new environmentally friendly packaging, in comparison to the can or bag options which are frequently offered on the coffee retail market.

Mother Parkers’ chief commercial officer., Kim Cunningham, commented, “Our new packaging solution is a win for the planet, for our customers and their consumers. It offers a recyclable packaging option with less plastic, without sacrificing any of the freshness, consistency, or quality that Mother Parkers-produced coffee is known for. For retailers with private label coffee programs, it’s a way to show innovation, gain share, and drive shelf and transportation efficiencies, all while supporting their sustainability objectives.”

Graphic Packaging’s head of sales for paperboard canister solutions, Johan Werme, added, “We’re committed to innovation, sustainability, and meeting the rapidly evolving demands of consumers. By helping our customer Mother Parkers to transition from plastic into Boardio, we’re helping them make a world of difference to their customers, consumers—and to our planet.”

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