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MycoWorks Commercializes World’s First Plastic-Free, Mycelium Leather Alternative with Luxury Hatmaker

by | Jul 28, 2022

Biomaterials innovator MycoWorks announced on July 18  the commercial launch of the first fashion items made with its flagship mycelium material, Reishi™. The Reishi™ Collection has been launched by luxury hatmaker Nick Fouqet. 

“We are elated that consumers can now wear and enjoy designs made with Reishi™,” said Sophia Wang, MycoWorks Co-Founder & Chief of Culture. 

“MycoWorks partners with craftspeople and brands with whom we share artistic values, which is why we’ve partnered with famed hatmaker, Nick Fouquet. This Reishi™ collection exhibits the unique hand feel and versatility of our material.”

MycoWorks’ claims that its technology Fine Mycelium™, engineers mycelium – the root structure of mushrooms – as it grows to designers’ exact specifications for hand feel, texture, strength, and functionality. The result, Reishi™, is a luxury, natural material that matches the performance of high quality animal leathers with lower environmental impact.

For the Reishi™ Collection, Nick Fouquet leveraged all-natural, 100% plastic-free Reishi™ as the base material for the Reishi™ Boletus and as decorative details and trims for the Coprinus and Morchella.

“Our clients want luxury made from materials that feel good and that they feel good about,” said Nick Fouquet. “MycoWorks’ Reishi™ is the only leather alternative we’ve seen that matches the beauty, quality, and functionality of traditional leather. Reishi™ feels organic and rich, and has a beautiful, worn patina that we showcase through the distinct styles of our Reishi™ Collection.”

The commercial availability of Reishi™ represents a major leap for fashion, which has long been seeking plastic-free, animal-free leather alternatives that meet the quality needs of high-end fashion with a lower environmental footprint.

This year, MycoWorks will continue commercializing Reishi™ with a range of carefully selected brands, spanning heritage brands and new, independent designers.

MycoWorks Press release

Image courtesy of MycoWorks by Aysia Stieb

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