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New coffee paper wrapping solution developed by Mondi and Meurer

by | May 30, 2024

Mondi is a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper and it is through their collaboration with Meurer, that they have been able to create a new secondary paper packaging solution, which can be used for wrapping and packaging bundles of food and drinks.

The revolutionary solution is called TrayWrap and it is manufactured out of Mondi’s Advantage StretchWrap. So far, this packaging solution has proved that it has the potential to replace plastic shrink film, which has remained the industry standard for a while. Plus, once the product has been extensively tested, it will be sent to the Nordics, where it will be used by a coffee brand. The intentions of this coffee brand are to use the packaging to secure twelve coffee packages for transportation throughout Sweden.

This solution works effectively through securing the coffee packs in place through the use of 4-6 adhesive dots that are located on the bottom side of the existing corrugated tray. Stability on each open side is guaranteed by pre-punched folding points. This design means that the product is visible, but can also be stacked, it can be transported and it can also be easily unpacked for sale.

Mondi was able to make this packaging breakthrough possible, through their collaboration with Meurer, who has allowed Mondi to adapt existing machinery so that it can accommodate the new solution. An excellent choice was made when it comes to the kind of technology that is required, as the technology which is used to manufacture the product is similar to the kind that is required for film technology. This makes it a lot easier for food and drink producers to make any necessary modifications to their own production lines and processes. Furthermore, this eliminates the need to invest in new machines, which is an added benefit and so far, the testing which has been carried out on these machines, has proven that they are successful and effective.

Currently Meurer’s Paper Hood Machine (PHM) appears to be an excellent fit for this solution, as this system uses an in-line paper technology, which comes with higher resistance against mechanical stress. It has already been shown that this kind of technology is able to deal with a variety of paper qualities, including Mondi’s Advantage StretchWrap. The system is also able to work with a variety of tray formats.

Advantage StretchWrap is created from 100% kraft paper that has been manufactured out of renewable resources. The paper does not have any coating on it and therefore, it is fully recyclable. This makes it easy for retail customers to dispose of the product in Europe’s existing paper recycling streams. On top of this, the unique system comes with a combination of mechanical properties, such as high strength, excellent puncture resistance, good stretchability and it is altogether an excellent solution for grouped packaging applications. A final benefit is that the product aligns with future regulatory requirements that will take effect within Europe.

Business Development Manager Kraft Paper, Mondi, Larsgoran Berglund, commented, “Our aim is to be always innovating and providing solutions that work for the product, the customer and the environment. By working closely with Meurer, we are jointly mapping out a path to sustainability that is convenient for customers, supporting them in achieving their own sustainability goals.”

Senior Global Key Account Manager, Meurer, Jens Averbeck, mentioned, “We are delighted to be working with Mondi, developing solutions that will provide food and drink producers with effective and secure packaging solutions that reduce or replace unnecessary plastic. This is just one example of how effective paper can be in securing goods, and we look forward working with more food producers with this product and process, tackling today’s challenges in the FMCG industries.”

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