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New kind of sustainable packaging developed by Mondi and Scan Svergie

by | May 16, 2024

Mondi is well-known as a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper and the company has agreed to collaborate with Scan Svergie, with the aim of creating a polypropylene (PP) based mono-material packaging. The selling point of this new development, will be that it is purposefully designed to be recycled.

Scan Svergie has a lot of experience in responsible Swedish food production, with this experience having been built up for over a century. Their plan is to be using Mondi’s WalletPack for its Pärsons brand’s range of food. This range includes sliced ham, salami and plat-based products and this new packaging will be put into use from March 2024.

Mondi has been producing products that are sustainable by design for a very long time and whist producing environmentally friendly products, they have been employing 22,000 people in over thirty countries. Sustainability has always been at the heart of their work and their ambition aims to create and develop circular driven solutions which are created by empowered people, plus taking action on the climate.

The company’s newest invention, Mondi’s WalletPack is a PP based solution that has been designed for recyclability. They have chosen to design it like this in order to align with their customer’s goals and to comply with NPA’s missions. NPA is an ‘approved producer responsibility organisation dedicated to advancing circular and traceable material recycling.’ WalletPack is a smart and innovative development which is able to be effectively sorted by Site Zero, which is Europe’s largest and most advanced plastic recycling facility, based in Sweden. It is through the use of Site Zero that Mondi’s WalletPack is making a large contribution to a circular economy. Furthermore, the creation of this WalletPack, means that the previous solution, an unrecyclable multi-material pack which was made up of PET-PE and PA-PE laminate can now be replaced.

The WalletPack has been designed to feature a top and bottom film and it also features an easy peel mechanism which shows that Mondi has taken consumer convenience into account. The wallet’s inventive design also features a protective high oxygen barrier, which ensures a longer shelf-life and it also details inside print.

The discussions between Scan Svergie and Mondi began two years ago and instantly the companies defined the goals and intentions they wanted to include in the modern design. The two companies also agreed to collaborate closely during the design and manufacturing of this new product, so that it would be designed efficiently and would feature everything necessary for it to be an effective packaging solution.

Regional Sales Nordic, Consumer Flexibles, Mondi, Helene Brynell, commented, “It was a pleasure working with Scan Sverige, bringing over a century of experience in responsible Swedish food production to the table. The team closely oversees the full farm to fork value chain, which seamlessly aligns with our values. Throughout the trial process, we were both focusing on the same clear goals: to best protect the food while developing packaging that could deliver from a sustainability standpoint, being designed for recycling.”

Material specialist at NPA, Einar Ahlstrom, added, “Multi-layer laminates, such as PET/PE and PA/PE, are commonly used in diverse flexible plastic packaging, limiting the potential for material recycling. To enhance and facilitate more efficient material recycling, there is a need to shift towards using mono-material in plastic packaging. It is encouraging to note that Scan Sverige has introduced a novel packaging solution for Pärsons, in collaboration with Mondi. This alternative not only replaces traditional multi-layer laminates but also proves to be more conducive to material recycling.”

Category Manager Scan Sverige Eva Tiedman, mentioned, “The Mondi WalletPacks will be used on a wide range of sliced products for Pärsons’ cold cuts. We knew Mondi was the right partner to achieve our goals and are delighted to see the new solution running efficiently on our existing machinery. Our objective was to follow a forward-thinking approach to packaging sustainability as we are investing in getting 100% recyclable packaging by the end of 2025 and working hard to change to recyclable mono-materials.”

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