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Newlight Launches Plastic-Free Paper Bowls and Plates Using a Carbon Capture Process

by | Jun 15, 2022

Press Release

California-based Newlight Technologies Inc., a nature-based biotechnology company creating regenerative materials to help improve the environment, announced today (June 14) the launch of the world’s first plastic-free AIRCARBON®-coated paper products, advancing the company’s mission to help end the accumulation of plastic and carbon in the environment.

Most paper products today, from coffee cups to takeout containers, are coated with plastic in order to create resistance to moisture and grease, ensuring that the paper products do not become soggy and lose functionality. The combined effect of coating paper with plastic is an environmentally destructive end of life, making it challenging to either recycle due to combined materials or compost due to the presence of non-environmentally-degradable plastic.

To help overcome this, Newlight has introduced the world’s first paper products coated with AirCarbon, a plastic-free PHB biomaterial made using a nature-based carbon capture process, resulting in a paper product that is moisture-resistant, grease-resistant, and plastic-free.

“Our mission is to see the end of plastic accumulation in this generation,” said Newlight CEO Mark Herrema. “That isn’t going to be easy, but it is possible, and the launch of AIRCARBON-coated paper products is another important step towards fulfilling that objective.”

AirCarbon-coated paper plates and bowls are now available online at and at select in-store Target locations in the U.S., adding to the portfolio of AirCarbon cutlery and straws currently being distributed by Newlight and its partners at hundreds of locations across the U.S. as sustainable replacements for plastic cutlery and straws.

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