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Plastic-free chewing gum brand Milliways introduces new packaging design and recipe

by | Nov 14, 2023

Milliways is a UK based chewing gum company, who is the fastest growing gum brand due to their best-selling gum being plastic-free. Their consumer market has grown to more than 6,500 stores within the last 11 months, some of these include Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Pret A Manger, and Costa.

Recently the popular gum brand revealed that they would be redesigning their packaging and altering their recipe, to ensure their packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible, whilst their gum provides more flavour for longer. Whilst Milliways gum is already plastic-free and plant based, Milliways has listened to customer feedback and responded through redesigning its packaging based off of packaging which Pret a Manger uses. Pret’s pop-to-open and efficient re-seal ergonomic boxes are loved by customers and are fully recyclable and biodegradable. Milliways has chosen to copy this design, creating a pocket-friendly version, whilst also giving the box a sustainability-focused upgrade, which emphasises Milliways goal to minimise waste and single-use plastic consumption.

In order to ensure the brand is still eye-catching, along with the eco-friendly elements of the design, Milliways collaborated with Analogue, a design agent. Together they created a space themed packaging design which would be appealing to customers and memorable for the benefit of the company.

Since being founded in 2021, Milliways has developed and grown a long way and is now recognised as a plastic-free, plant-based rival to larger gum brands. Milliways recognises that it does not have as many advantages as other companies who are not plant-based, as these companies can easily use a multitude of flavours, whilst Milliways only has seven plant-based ingredients to use. However, this has not prevented Milliways from pushing forwards and advancing their business, as recently they completed a £3 million fundraising round, whilst also investing in product innovation to ensure they are pushing the limits of being plant-based as far as they can.

Milliways’ Founder and CEO, Tom Raviv, commented,The gum category has been starved of innovation and sustainable practices for decades, and this comes at the expense of consumers who want something new and exciting – better ingredients, unique flavours, sustainable materials. That’s why we started Milliways – it’s embedded in the DNA of our brand. We constantly speak to consumers to understand what they’re looking for and how we can improve, and we build this into our product development processes. Launching our improved recipe and new pack design is testament to our continuous efforts and pursuit towards perfection.”

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