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Plastic-free packaging is now being used by Australian retailers

by | Aug 23, 2023

The new Australian packaging company LUV, who developed from Just Onions, has developed a fully recyclable form of packaging which allows customers to choose to receive their produce in plastic-free packaging.

Paul Williamson, chairman & CEO of LUV Produce, spoke about how much thought and planning went into the development of this new packaging, “With more than 30 years of food packing knowledge and experience, we saw an opportunity to bring top quality, locally made produce to supermarkets in packaging that supports our mission to reduce plastics. Our team invested considerable time and resources into designing and developing these fully recyclable cartons to ensure that the produce inside is kept as fresh as possible.”

Not only are the LUV Produce cartons fully recyclable, but the company also sourced the cardboard used to make the cartons from sustainable forests, plus the design has multiple advantages. The cartons have added perforations which allow the cartons to be stacked and this prevents any fruit being spilt. The cartons are also easily transformed into storage containers through their stacking ability. Another advantage is that the boxes are ventilated, so there is no moisture build up, this results in the produce staying fresher for longer.

LUV Produce have always ensured their produce is locally sourced, as they only use Australian grown produce and have been working with the same local farms for over two decades. “In fact, with many of our growers, we are now working with the next generation. The sons and daughters of the farmers we originally started working with,” said Cory Kent, Managing Partner of LUV Produce. They tie this long -lasting relationship into the packaging, as on their packaging LUV Produce include a unique code that lets the brand track the farm and batch which the product was sourced from.

All these new developments show the companies efforts to provide consumers with “an eco-friendly option.” Williamson adds that with this recent achievement of plastic-free packaging, the company hopes to “inspire a new wave of more innovative, low impact packaging options across the industry.”

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