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Plastic waste collection trial taking place in homes throughout Bracknell

by | Mar 20, 2024

A new initiative has been launched through a collaboration between Bracknell Forest Council and Reading and Wokingham borough councils. This initiative will involve thousands of homeowners throughout Bracknell working towards tackling the plastic waste issue collectively.

This effort will involve over 10,000 properties collecting bags and wrapping and various plastic items and putting them into a blue bag which will be provided by the council. Once collected, the items in the bag will go to the resident’s local recycling bin and will then be collected with the rest of the rubbish as normal. This system has been developed so that it will work with the pre-existing recycling bins and no new structures need to be created to make this possible.

The items that will be accepted during this time are bags, confectionary wrappers, crisp packets, bubble wrap and finally, plastic film.

Once the bags are collected by the authorities, the contents will then be recycled and the products will go into creating new plastic products. These products will include items such as boxes, bins, construction or agricultural materials.

This scheme will last for a year and it will be run entirely by the three local authorities, which have joined together to form the r3 Partnership.

Bracknell Forest Council’s environment and community cohesion lead, Helen Purnell, commented, “Plastic bags and wrapping pose a significant challenge to the industry and their recycling is limited to supermarket front-of-store collection points.” Purnell added that ‘The scheme would help the authority increase the amount of plastic it could recycle.”’ She also said, ‘that it marked “another step forward to achieving our net-zero ambitions”.’

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