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Pritt and Loctite will be switching to more sustainable packaging materials for online shoppers

by | Dec 14, 2023

Pritt and Loctite have both made a choice to make their packaging for online shoppers more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The popular glue brands have switched the kind of packaging they will be using as the new kind of packaging offers much more protection, whilst using much less material.

Products that have been bought online from these brands on certain e-commerce platforms will now arrive packaged in a new kind of material which will consist of a padded mailer which is manufactured through the use of EPIX technology from Henkel. The choice to use this material from this company was an excellent decision, as the Henkel technology both extends the functionality of paper and effectively reduces the use of plastic within the packaging.

In place of the excess plastic, this new packaging is made up of 90% recycled paper and has been certified as recyclable by Institut cyclos-HTP. Along with this reduction of plastic and increase of recycled paper usage, the use of Henkel’s innovative EPIX technology means the packaging also comes with a multitude of other benefits in comparison to every-day traditional packaging materials. These benefits include qualities such as the use of less material as the packaging which Loctite and Pritt are now using is fitted to the product, so there is no excess material used. Furthermore, as the packages are sufficiently padded, the amount of material used is reduced further, as there is no longer a requirement for secondary packaging, which consequently reduces the amount of cardboard and plastic even further.

Whilst the amount of material being used is reduced, due to the padded design of the packaging, created through the EPIX technology, the mailers now have an improved impact resistance. This means that the use of an over box or other kind of extra packaging is no longer required, so consequently, less material is used overall and the amount of plastic waste is reduced. Reducing packaging material in this way benefits customers as well as the environment, as the reduced amount of material also reduces the amount of handling the product goes through during the packaging process. Whilst, at the other end, the packages become quicker and easier to open, due to a lack of plastic and the product is ready to use straight away. The improved packaging design also features flexibility and includes tamper-evident features.

Now that the new kind of packaging has been successfully launched and is effectively protecting the products and the environment. Henkel has stated that it aims that by 2025, all of its packaging will be designed and developed with the idea of recyclability and reusability at the forefront of the manufacturing process. As well as the effort they are making with their packaging design, the environmentally conscious company is also liaising with waste collection and recycling initiatives worldwide to ensure that all packaging waste is being disposed of responsibly and as much of it as possible is being recycled efficiently.

Global E-Commerce Portfolio and Innovation Manager Henkel Consumer Adhesives, Melis Topoyan, commented, “Switching to these innovative EPIX padded mailers is another important milestone in our strong commitment to sustainability in e-commerce. The packaging is made from 90 percent recycled paper and is 92 percent recyclable, so consumers can simply drop the mailer into their local paper recycling system. In this way, we are supporting the transition to a circular economy – where materials stay in the economic cycle for longer and waste becomes a thing of the past.”

Packaging Manager, Henkel Adhesive Technologies Operations Europe, Natalia Greiss, added, “These sustainable padded mailers are packed with advantages for our brands, our customers and our planet. We’re always looking for ways to cut the environmental footprint of our packaging – and these innovative mailers enable an important step forward.”

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