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PulPac and Two Sides have created a partnership to create and promote sustainable fibre molded packaging

by | May 2, 2024

An excellent collaboration has recently begun between PulPac and Two Sides, which involves PulPac joining Two Sides as a new member. PulPac is a company well-known for the invention of Dry Molded Fibre and Two Sides is a print and paper advocacy group.

The purpose behind PulPac’s innovative business, is to provide packaging producers with manufacturing technology that is suitable for creating sustainable packaging. The packaging that is produced from their machines, needs to meet scalability requirements, as well as production rates and finally, cost efficiency. Through dedication to the development of this technology over a few years, PulPac achieved a significant breakthrough with the creation of fibre molding.

Now that the company has achieved this breakthrough, their decision to join Two Sides, means that PulPac will now be granted access to a wide variety of co-brandable communications tools, as well as, consumer research, sustainability advice, industry leading information and finally, events. All of these benefits that will occur through the partnership, means that PulPac will be able to grow and expand their market, whilst also growing and expanding the consumer market around fiber molded packaging.

On another note, PulPac’s most recent development, the Dry Molded Fibre Hot Lid, showcases that PulPac’s work is capable of producing a fully sustainable fibre-based commodity item. This item is responsibly produced, it is also entirely free from PFAS or plastic, plus, it is industrially compostable and is also fully biodegradable. All of these features and benefits, result in the item being suitable and compatible with the paper recycling stream.

Market Developer at PulPac, Sara Fransson, commented, “Our groundbreaking technology helps producers within the packaging industry to swiftly transition toward circularity. With our cost-competitive, fiber-based alternative, they can meet the market and planet’s needs for responsibly produced packaging but also gain leverage by spearheading the industry. With a global partner network, we build a community to support the shift and make Dry Molded Fiber the global standard for fiber-based packaging. We’re really pleased to become partners of Two Sides and are confident that it will help us drive sustainability in our industry.”

Partnership Director for Two Sides UK, Ian Bates, added, “Welcoming new members on board is always a pleasure. Our partnership with PulPac will help us communicate the great sustainable story that fiber molded packaging has to tell. We look forward to working with PulPac moving forward. ” 

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