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PURE TRADE has manufactured an RPET-satin pouch for MAKE UP FOR EVER

by | Mar 1, 2024

PURE TRADE  is a company that is run by its founder and Chairman, Stefance Ladous, has multiple connections and support from countries all over the world and has recently developed a new make-up pouch.

The company has designed this innovative pouch that is manufactured out of 100% RPET for a make-up company called Make Up For Ever. PURE TRADE set out with a mission to offer companies and businesses the ability to create their products out of more virtuous materials and this is their result for this particular company. An ‘Artistic Face Powders’ pouch which is fully lined, has a brown satin outer shell and has saddle stitching that provides an aesthetic contrast to the matte black screen-printed logo, along with the rubber-like coated zipper. The tag that is used to pull the zip, has been designed to look like a lip symbol. The pouch has been manufactured so that it will lie flat, yet it is capable of holding brushes and cosmetics.

The forward-thinking company behind this design has multiple employees that come from Europe, Asia and North America. Plus, along with it being an international company in many ways, it also has an operational system that clearly portrays that the company is dependent on its team, its system and the three pillars that they base their manufacturing process off of.

Whilst PURE TRADE relies on its excellent design office, operational team and support from partners to carry out its throughout design process, which is professionally handled from the creative offer to the final delivery. PURE TRADE also relies upon strictly following the CSR policy that they have now formalised in their program, which is built on three pillars.

These pillars are, ensuring that their packaging is designed for circularity, reducing their carbon footprint and producing zero waste to landfill. These pillars are all extremely beneficial to the company, as making packaging suitable for circulation mean that the amount of packaging used is reduced at the source and it also means that the packaging that is used is better suited to being recycled. This has the beneficial effect of limiting the company’s environmental impact. The company uses the SBTi trajectory to measure their greenhouse gas emissions and ensure that they are always reducing their carbon footprint. Finally, they use the in-house recycling and up-cycling method to reach their aim of zero waste and they also actively promote the use of this method.

It is clear why this company is very well-known for the work they do with luxury cosmetics and perfume brands. PURE TRADE has almost thirty years of existence and is a recognised partner when it comes to designs for high-end primary and secondary packaging, promotional luggage and accessories, plus textile articles. The company is also trusted by multiple businesses, including extremely popular brands such as Dior, Guerlain, Givenchy, Armani, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Make Up For Ever and many others.

PURE TRADE’S current plans are to expand their available materials in their Creative Lab, so that they are able to offer a wider variety of materials that are all 100% recycled materials. Eliminating the use of plastic in this way and replacing it with RPET is advantageous for both the environment and the product being packaged. This is because an alternative material such as RPET is known for its ability to cover very varied textures, e.g. weaving, velours, terrycloth, satin and others, therefore making it the perfect replacement for plastic.

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