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Quaker Oats porridge pots switch to entirely paper packaging

by | Jan 11, 2024

The popular porridge brand, Quaker Oats, recently announced that they will be making an environmentally friendly choice and switching all of their packaging to paper, throughout their porridge pot range.

Whilst the majority of the packaging with their previous design was recyclable, the pot still included a layer of inner plastic which had to be removed for the rest of the pot to be recycled. In order to make it easier for consumers, and to meet their aim of streamlining recyclability, Quaker Oats made the decision to ensure the whole pot is now recyclable. This will make the product better for the environment and easier for consumers to dispose of.

The company estimates that through switching to this redesigned form of packaging, around two hundred tons of plastic per year will be removed from the product line. As Quaker Oats makes up around 47% of the porridge pot market, the switch in packaging will result in the use of virgin plastic within porridge pots being significantly reduced across the UK.

This transition from Quaker Oats is one of the latest changes that has occurred within the Pepsi Co range. The Pepsi Co brand has made several changes to their items, to make them more sustainable and to highlight their drive towards making their products healthier for consumers and the environment. The company recently created a health and sustainability transformation plan, called PepsiCo Positive, which is centred around its predominant goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2040. Other projects which are underway following this movement include, Pepsi Co’s Walkers crisps such as their Snack A Jack range which is now being sold in bagless multipacks. Also, their paper-based outer packaging, which was tested on their Walkers Baked six-pack multipacks, has now been launched across the full Walkers Baked range.

Sustainable packaging lead at parent company PepsiCo UK & Ireland, Gareth Callan, commented, “Quaker Oats was one of the first branded porridge pots on the market, so we’re proud to also be leading in packaging innovation and plastic reduction,” says “We know convenience is a key factor in driving recycling rates, which is another important reason for launching this new packaging, and we’re pleased to be making it as easy as possible for Quaker fans to recycle their pots, wherever they are.”

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