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Re:Water will be available in Marks & Spencer’s Food-To-Go section

by | Jan 17, 2024

It was recently announced that Marks & Spencer, the well-known retail chain, will be making Re:Water water bottles available to customers, through their food-to-go section.

Re:Water is a water bottle brand that manufactures eco-friendly and reusable water bottles out of recycled aluminium. They produce bottles for both ‘Still Spring Water’ and ‘Pure Sparkling Water’ and both of these water bottles will become available through M&S stores, later this month.

These water bottles are hugely beneficial to the environment, as not only are they made from recycled aluminium, but they have also been specifically made to be refillable, reusable, resealable and are easily recycled through the consumers normal domestic recycling collection. On the aluminium side of the bottle’s benefits, being made from this material means that the manufacturing process generates 95% less energy than newly made aluminium products. The bottle was developed with the intention of combatting the global issue of single-use materials and whilst it does this successfully, it combats the issue through reducing plastic waste and being made from recycled material, rather than new material. These bottles are an excellent alternative to plastic water bottles and appear to have the added advantage of maintaining the freshness and cool temperature of the water for a longer period of time.

Co-founder of Re:Water, Ben Richardson, commented: “It is an honour that Re:Water bottles will now be available in one of the most prestigious and well-loved supermarkets in the UK. This is a giant step for Re:Water as a brand as it will allow even more people to purchase a sustainable option and help reduce the amount of single use plastic that is being dumped into our precious eco-system. We are excited for the journey ahead and we hope that as many people as possible join the guilt-free water movement.”

On the other hand, Marks & Spencer will also benefit hugely from offering these water bottles on their shelves. Making this addition to their shelves, will result in a reduction in plastic waste, an increase in the sales of an eco-friendly, reusable product and it will highlight Marks & Spencer’s commitment to the environment and to the drive towards a plastic waste free world.

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