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Rowse Honey has developed a new environmentally friendly packaging solution for a single serving sized packet

by | Dec 7, 2023

Rowse Honey recently received an award for their newest product, ‘Rowse Paper Snap and Squeeze’. This new product is an innovative, recyclable packaging design, which is suitable for storing a single-serving’s worth of honey.

During The Grocer New Product & Packaging Awards ceremony, Rowse Honey’s new design was awarded the highest distinction, the Gold medal in the ‘Food on the Go’ category. This prize was awarded after the Grocer added a new component to their traditional New Product Awards. This was the creation of five new packaging awards, which focused on giving awards to packaging that highlighted the importance of innovation and sustainability, within its packaging design. Rowse’s acknowledgment of its packaging’s role within sustainability is made clear through its design and is the reason why it won the prize.

The Rowse ‘Paper Snap & Squeeze’ is a simply designed small paper-based packet which is environmentally friendly and the perfect size for a single serving. It has been manufactured to be available in both 14g and 22g sizes and to make this design efficient and easy for customers to use, the product has a fold and snap action, which allows quick, easy, mess-free dispensing. It is clear why this ‘simple and effective concept’ was awarded the top prize by the panel, as it clearly holds sustainability at the forefront of its qualities, with convenience for the user following very closely behind. The ingenious packet has evident potential all over the food market, from food-to-go companies, to where it is currently already commercially available to consumers through the Pret a Manger chain in the UK, where it is sold with porridge. There have also been market opportunities seen for it within recipe boxes and other similar market areas, setting the product apart from similarly designed items, due to the benefits it will provide and the core values it represents, which won it the prize.

Senior Brand Manager at Rowse Honey, Samantha Mac Namara, commented, “Rowse Paper Snap & Squeeze has fantastic sustainability credentials. Made from paper, it is fully recyclable and consistent with our sustainability strategy of reducing waste to landfill and limiting our environmental footprint. Paper Snap & Squeeze is an ingenious, mess-free, hygienic, and highly convenient way to provide single servings of 100% pure and natural Rowse honey in cafés, restaurants, canteens, delis, hotels, hospitals, food boxes, and a range of other food settings. We also anticipate it becoming a highly popular choice for families, commuters, and anyone on the go as it is ideal for portion control and highly portable. We developed Paper Snap & Squeeze in response to customer and consumer feedback and are delighted that our efforts to develop alternative and innovative packaging, addressing both convenience and sustainability concerns, have been rewarded with a Gold Medal at the Grocer’s Awards, which for the first time, rewarded packaging innovation as well as new product development.”

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