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Schwan Cosmetics has developed refillable packaging for makeup

by | Nov 14, 2023

Schwan cosmetics is a German colour cosmetics manufacturer, who supplies products to lots of the world’s big cosmetics brands. Recently the company has launched a new brand of refillable, mechanical lip liner cartridges, called ‘Power Up Your Pout’ which will be unveiled at the Cosmoprof Asia 2023 exhibition in Hong Kong.

This new product is being unveiled at a show which is twinned with Cosmopack Asia, the show at which Schwan’s other product, ‘TheBetterBarrel’ for eyeliner and lip liner pencils, has been nominated as a finalist in the sustainability category. ‘TheBetterBarrel’ is a high-performance barrel which has been designed using biobased, environmentally friendly materials, along with airtight packaging, so that the make-up’s ingredients are preserved.

The formation of ‘TheBetterBarrel’ is mirrored within the refillable lip liner cartridges, meaning that the new kind of packaging showcases and emphasises the company’s commitment to refillable and sustainable packaging. This makes the new brand of make-up packaging and excellent alternative to the everyday unrecyclable version of these packets. By eliminating the need to discard and replace the outer packaging, and instead substituting this method for a refillable solution, Schwan has discovered an eco-friendly solution which reduces plastic waste, whilst maintaining the essential structure which is required to properly package the make-up.

This refill ability draws attention to and re-emphasises the company’s pre-existing REFILL&STYLE selection of liquid liners. These previous products, plus the new additions provide cosmetic companies and consumers with the ability to significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste produced from make-up companies. This is made possible by offering a sustainable solution to single-use plastic and disposable make-up products.

The Manager of Sustainable Business Innovation at Schwan Cosmetics, Sandra Schäfer, commented, We understand the needs and preferences of the Asian cosmetics market, which are characterized by fast innovation, product performance with high-quality standards, and most recently, an increased demand for sustainable product offers. We offer a wide range of products that cater to these demands, from natural and clean formulations to trendy, functional, and sustainable packaging solutions. With ‘Power Up Your Pout’, we demonstrate that high-quality beauty products can be sustainable – without compromise. This is an important part of our ongoing commitment to enabling our consumers to reduce the amount of waste from cosmetics products while still feeling great about their look and achieving the latest trending styles.”

Schäfer added, “When considering our sustainability strategy, our long-term goal is to transition from a linear product life cycle to a closed loop. To achieve this, we aim to prevent waste in landfills and incinerators by replacing virgin fossil plastics in our packaging with recycled and bio-based materials and developing recyclable and refillable solutions. The PowerUpYourPout lip liners align perfectly with this strategy, allowing us to integrate closed loops for our products.”

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