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See® has created a new range of packaging material

by | May 16, 2024

Due to a recent elevation in customer demands for sustainability and automation, SEE® has recently launched its new product, the ProPad Coiler. This is an expansion of their Sealed Air® brand ProPad paper cushioning system.

This innovative new product is manufactured out of 100% recycled paper and is purposefully designed to be recycled through the use of kerbside services. The ProPad Coiler is well-designed and provides operators with a sturdy and well-made alternative to foam and film packaging options which are not environmentally friendly. One of the main benefits that come with these high-density paper coils, is that they can be rapidly produced, whenever they are required to protect heavy-duty goods.

This rapid production technique has been made possible through combining the ProPad Coiler with the Sealed Air® brand ProPad cushioning system. This technique means that operators can create paper coils both quickly and easily and on demand. The technique also allows the operators to produce them in varying sizes and densities, plus they are able to produce them to the size that is required, depending on the products that require the packaging.

The ProPad Coiler has an excellent range of packaging abilities, as its diameter can range from 30cm to 61cm and this can be adjusted further every 2.54cms. The company have chosen to supply this coil product in a natural craft paper.

Portfolio Marketing Director, EMEA at SEE, Oliver Kammler, commented, “Automotive, machinery and appliance supply chains often have heavy cushioning requirements. This has meant businesses have sometimes had to choose between product protection and packaging sustainability. We developed ProPad Coiler to overcome this and support companies to maximise product protection and contribute towards hitting their sustainability goals.”

Oliver added, “The ProPad Coiler allows operators to choose between 3 pre-set coil tightness settings, with the coils secured by glue dot technology. Consistently tight paper coils can be produced to streamline their placement in boxes and enhance overall protective cushioning performance. The complete ProPad system and Coiler removes any inefficiencies and issues caused by unravelling paper coils to save operators time and resource. This helps address labour challenges and avoid delays and bottlenecks in the packaging area. The development of the new ProPad Coiler complements a system that’s easy to load and maintain. It’s a versatile solution that’s designed to enhance productivity and uptime through seamless switching between different sized paper coils, cushioning pads and batch coils.”

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