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Seep launches a new range of plastic-free cleaning products

by | Mar 14, 2024

Seep is a brand that offers plastic-free cleaning products and it was founded by Laura Harnett during lockdown. The range was recently launched and it can be bought from Booths stores throughout Yorkshire.

The range that Seep offers includes, sponges, sponge cloths that come with a lemon design, all-purpose bamboo cloths, Fair Trade FSC-certified biodegradable rubber gloves, compostable bin liners and anti-bacterial copper scourers. All of these products are plastic-free and have been created with the intention of helping consumers make a green and environmentally friendly choice.

Harnett was inspired to create this range when she was in the eco-friendly accessories in the cleaning-tools aisle and noticed a lack of stylish looking items. This led her to creating Seep, which took off and has now become the only B-Corp cleaning accessory brand within Europe. The company’s goal is to prevent 1 bn plastic cleaning items being thrown into landfill by 2030.

In order to help promote the companies and these items, Harnett designed a new campaign for the plastic-free and eco-friendly range, that is aimed at encouraging consumers to do their spring cleaning with these products. This campaign included four tips around using these products and the tips came with the slogans, declutter without dumping, stock up the eco-way, clean for efficiency and finally, treat, restore and repair.

Harnett commented on her innovative cleaning product brand, “Consumers who choose an eco-friendly cleaning spray should have the option to use a plastic-free sponge with it. We throw out six-hundred-million cleaning tools in the UK each year and that’s an awful lot of plastic sponges going into landfill. I’m really excited to be listed in Booths stores across Lancashire to help households do their bit to clean green this Spring and beyond.”

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