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Siegwerk has developed inline printable barrier coatings

by | May 2, 2024

Siegwerk recently developed a fully recyclable mono-PE bag which was created through the use of CIRKIT functional coatings and it is suitable for holding dry pet food. Siegwerk is a global leader when it comes to providing inks and coatings for packaging applications and labels.

Through several partnerships with Windmöller & Hölscher who are printing machine manufacturers and also B&B who is a bag making and machine producer, the companies collaboration resulted in the production of the new high-barrier mono-material packaging solution. This product is brilliant as it offers much more than simply effective packaging, as it is also suitable for pet food and it is completely recyclable.

Due to the excellent quality of the material that was chosen for this project, the new mono-PE bag is able to offer the same amount of protection that a plastic, non-recyclable form of packaging would be able to, except it also provides the benefit of being recyclable. The whole product is created out of a combination of an inline printable grease barrier coating from Siegwerk’s CIRKIT GreaseBar, plus a coating from CIRKIT HeatGuard, which is ideal for high-end sealing process efficiency. Both of these coatings from CIRKIT are solvent-based, are deinkable after delamination and can also be printed inline, whilst always maintaining their full performance ability. Furthermore, all of these materials and any dyes that are used for printing, align with the rules and guidelines that have been set out for the packaging industry, this includes guidelines stated by German Minimum Standard and RecyClass.

Whilst a lot of packaging currently needs to be redesigned, pet food containers need to be food safe, whilst they also need specific barrier properties and also need to maintain their shape. Head of Brand Owner Collaboration at Siegwerk, Belal Habib, talks about the requirements for altering packages, “New approaches are needed to meet the upcoming regulatory requirements for circular packaging. The challenge is to find a recyclable design that also meets the respective performance requirements of the packaging.” Habib continues, “The problem: they are not recyclable. This is where innovative barrier coatings applied in thin layers and inline with regular printing inks can help to switch from an incompatible multi-material structure to a fully recyclable mono-material solution in the sense of a Circular Economy.”

Habib added, “This development success once again underlines the importance of collaborating along the packaging value chain, combining the specialized know-how of industry experts. Together, we have succeeded in developing an innovation that is circular, delivers on performance and maintains current process efficiencies due to inline and high-speed conversion. This shows that, by joining forces, we are in a position to make recyclable mono-plastic packaging a reality and thus counter the still wide presence of multi-material laminated structures with future-oriented flexible packaging solutions made for circularity.”

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