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SIG opens new Packaging Development Centre in Europe

by | Nov 29, 2023

SIG recently announced the opening of their new Packaging Development Centre in Europe, which is located in Linnich, Germany and which will fulfil the aim to accelerate the development of sustainable packaging.

The new site is worth 10 million euros and includes the most up-to-date extrusion and finishing technology. In order to accomplish the aim of accelerating the development of new and more sustainable packaging materials, the site has also been equipped with advanced quality measurement systems and testing equipment. The results of this advanced procedure will be an increased packaging processability in serial production, as well as system validation, plus the potential capacity for future digital technologies.

SIG’s new site has been officially opened at a prime time for significant advancements to be made within the packaging industry. This is due to the current high demand for more sustainable packaging and this demand is still gradually increasing. This new centre will be able to accelerate the production rate of innovative packaging formats and materials, which will also provide SIG with the beneficial ability to expand its leading position within the sustainable packaging solutions market. A final benefit for the site is that it has been built to run on the best and most effective energy standards.

The Department Manager Test Field, Prototype & Pilot Plant at SIG Marcel Schopen, commented, “In today’s fast-paced food and beverage industry, the need to be one step ahead with new product development is vital, and this equally applies to the product’s packaging. Our high-end Packaging Development Center means we can support our customers at greater speed, with complete end to end solutions. We will be able to develop and validate new packaging solutions and innovative packaging materials even faster and more efficiently. Together with our existing co-creation and test-filling facilities for food and beverage products, we can produce carton sleeves, fill products in line with food hygiene regulations and pack them on pallets – operating like packaging and food & beverage mini factories from start to finish.”

The Chief Technology Officer at SIG, Gavin Steiner, added, “We’re incredibly proud of our new Packaging Development Center Europe. It perfectly complements our existing facilities and enhances our ability to deliver breakthrough developments and accelerate speed to market. Our partnerships with customers will be strengthened and second to none customer service will be provided. With the packaging innovations we are developing on site, we’re setting the course for SIG’s future growth in Europe and beyond.”

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