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Skyburst, the fireworks company, has created a recycling plan

by | Nov 7, 2023

Skyburst is a long-standing fireworks company who is based in Bedminster, Bristol, who have been operating and organising fireworks displays for 40 years. This company puts on these displays between Land’s End and Shetland Islands and have recently announced their pledge to begin recycling their products.

The first step they company have taken within this sustainability plan is to send the waste from the displays back to where they were sent from, so that they can be recycled and reused. This is a huge step forwards as for and estimated 10 years, fireworks companies have been using plastic to manufacture their products.

However, Skyburst’s decision to send the waste back is an even bigger step, as the company imports a lot of their products from China, with other sources being Spain and Italy. The company director, Alan Christie, spoke about the products the company imports from China, “All of the products we import from China are made from recycled cardboard and made in the old-fashioned traditional way, instead of all the plastics.” This means that the company are pushing their business to be greener than it already is, by continuing to help reduce plastic waste, through ensuring their plastic free waste is recycled. Through doing this, the company reduces the necessity for new products to be made, as the old ones can be recycled. Consequently, this means that the demand for plastic fireworks will be reduced, as the availability of plastic free and recycled or reused fireworks becomes a continuous flow and available to more companies, presenting them with the opportunity to move away from plastic and towards recyclable fireworks, reducing the amount of plastic waste.

Skyburst also uses fireworks imported from Spain, which have to have a plastic covering as they are stronger. However, to counter this and reduce plastic waste, the company has stated that they will be sending used containers back to where they were sent so they can be washed and then reused. This process will be possible for a maximum of 15 to 20 times per item. Furthermore, in order to ensure their plastic waste is reduced as much as possible, the company also has clean-up teams come to the site of the display as soon as possible to retrieve debris, eliminating the possibility that plastic or waste is left behind at the display site.

Whilst there is always the option of not having firework displays, the benefits of holding a big display greatly outweigh the benefits of not having a display within a large event. If there was no display, whilst this would reduce the amount of waste left by a company, it would mean that there would be a lot more people individually having firework displays for themselves, which would result in the generation of a lot, if not more waste. Therefore, the positives outweigh the negatives and Skyburst have stated that they are always as considerate as possible, as they think about noise levels and the impact this could have on animals, they also clearly communicate the time and location of the event, not only for families to have fun, but also to allow people who will need special requirements to make them.

Christie added, “It’s quite a serious thing that the industry’s decided to look into and improve,” He continues, “It is a concern. But if you’ve got 12,000 people coming to a display from a local area, that’s 12,000 people that aren’t letting off fireworks in their garden throughout the whole evening. So, the noise and disruption is focused to 15 minutes and then it stops and everyone goes home. I think that’s a very good way of helping to protect animals and reduce noise impact on the area.”

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