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Stella McCartney develops a plant-based, plastic-free bag out of a new material, MIRUM

by | Aug 23, 2023

Stella McCartney has announced their success in manufacturing a bag made from MIRUM, an amazing new material which is said to be a world-first, plastic-free and plant-based alternative to the everyday regularly used animal leather.

The new material MIRUM which was created by Natural Fiber Welding (NFW), is made from a unique blend of natural and renewable vegetal and mineral-based ingredients. This new material is an incredible new development, because as it is plant-based and plastic-free, it does not fall into the same category as other leather and synthetic based fashion items, providing a sustainable and reliable solution to the major environmental issues surrounding fashion presently.

There is a long list of facts around MIRUM’S qualities which support the sustainability claim for this bag. These include facts such as, the use of MIRUM means the fashion industry will be able to significantly reduce their reliance on using plastic and fossil fuels, which will result in a reduction to the contribution of environmental degradation. As MIRUM is entirely plastic-free and fossil-fuel free, the 70 million barrels of oil which are sourced annually to be used in the production of synthetic materials in clothing, will also be reduced, which is another environmental improvement. Furthermore, the production process for MIRUM is also much greener as it is plastic-free and water-free too. This results in the overall carbon footprint associated with fashion being reduced, as the production of MIRUM completely avoids the use of water, which is normally used intensively in the production of leather. Finally, due to how MIRUM is made, it is a circular material, which means it does not contribute to long-term waste and pollution. The material aligns with principles of sustainability and a circular economy as it can either be recycled into new materials or can go into the earth as nutrients.  

Stella McCarthy’s brand values have always been focused on being cruelty-free and creating sustainable fashion, therefore this development shows that Stella McCarthy saw the issues around the fashion industry today and took the lead on the pathway to a plastic-free fashion industry. The new bag is more than an item of fashion, as it is produced by a company which has environmentally focused values, it is versatile and robust, and it can endure over time which enhances its sustainability. The MIRUM bag portrays fashion’s commitment to becoming more sustainable, by providing a long-lasting alternative to a traditional leather bag, whilst retaining the aesthetic look.

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