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Storopack has produced an innovative paper cushioning packaging system

by | Apr 18, 2024

A new system called PAPERplus® Classic CX, has been designed by Storopack and this new system is capable of producing paper cushioning, which can be used as packaging. The material that the machine produces has been designed to be robust but flexible and is produced in the form of paper cushions. These items can adapt to the shape of shipping goods and ultimately provide these products with excellent protection, even when the goods within the box are heavy.

Storopack’s new system, the PAPERplus® Classic CX, has been designed to be user-friendly, with the purpose of improving and advancing manufacturers and shipping companies packaging processes. This design is shown through the machine’s ability to create paper cushions in seconds, once the operator has instructed the machine on what to produce, through the use of the touch screen or foot pedal. The machine has been created with a selection of modes, to enable flexible, easy and efficient production. The modes include a way for the paper cushions to be created and released individually once they are ordered, or they can be stored up for later use. The system also allows the paper consumable to be delivered via pallet, which leads to a packaging tool that provides extremely long usage periods. Plus, different modes allow the operator to decide between three different speeds, along with a choice of various padding properties. Furthermore, once all the paper has been used, it is simple and easy for it to be reloaded through performing a few simple steps and as the machine operates off of a continuous stream of paper, once refilled, the machine is instantly ready to make and produce the paper cushions once again.

Alongside the machine’s efficient design when it comes to operations, Storopack has also ensured that the individual cushions can be easily separated from each other, eliminating the need for the machine to have a blade. This results in anyone who operates the machine, being provided with a safe and ergonomic workflow. Furthermore, Storopack has made the machine fast and has also focused on making it easy to integrate into any packaging station. The company has done this through designing it in a compact and compatible way.

It has already been shown that the cushions that PAPERplus® Classic CX has created are extremely robust and efficiently protect goods that are travelling in medium-sized and large shipping cartons. The cushions protect the produce from damage, they also fill voids, are suitable for wrapping and cushioning products and finally, they work well at blocking and bracing shipping goods. The machine’s design also makes it possible to adjust the volume of the paper pads, to make them ideal for a specific item to be shipped.

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