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Study proves safety of Bormioli Pharma’s bottles

by | May 30, 2024

Recently Bormioli Pharma conducted a study which portrayed that bottles manufactured from 100% recycled, virgin-quality Loop™ PET resin, are suitable for pharmaceutical applications. The evidence for this is shown through the bottles made out of this material, containing zero extractables with toxicological relevance.

This study was conducted by the specialised Lab Analysis and it was also commented upon by a report done by the Mario Veronesi Technopole Institute of Mirandola (Modena, Italy), which is part of the Democenter-Sipe Foundation. This study portrays an excellent step forwards for the use and adoption of sustainable packaging within the pharmaceutical industry.

In order to carry out this study, various tools were used, including mass spectrometry and various solvents. This process took place with the use of five different solvents, one of which, a 50% isopropanol solution, was noted as particularly aggressive. These tests were carried out with the intention of submitting the bottle to very harsh conditions, so that the results could be compared to the requirements laid out by the USP and European Pharmacopoeia.

The results that the organisation received were excellent, as they clearly showed that the bottles that are manufactured out of Loop™ PET, certainly exceeded the performance of the bottles that were made from virgin PET. These positive results, mean that the bottles already fully comply with European Pharmacopoeia extractable limits and they have a margin of around 90%.

This breakthrough is another excellent step forwards for this company. In 2023, Bormioli Pharma achieved a quota of 45% low-impact materials within the products they were selling. This figure and the recent breakthrough has indicated that the company is on track for reaching their goal of a 50% quota by 2025.

CEO of Bormioli Pharma, Andrea Lodetti, commented, “The analysis has confirmed that the pharmaceutical packaging bottles manufactured with Loop™ PET resin represent today’s golden standard for the pharmaceutical industry from a safety point of view, in addition to environmental performance. With even more pharma companies mentioning low-impact packaging targets in their Sustainability Reports, we are proud to make available a robust, premium-quality solution to facilitate the transition.”

Scientific Director of the Mario Veronesi Technopole Institute of Mirandola, Professor Aldo Tomasi, added, “The complete and solid scientific tests that have been ran gave an unambiguous result: the bottles manufactured with Loop™ PET resin do not release any substance deemed of toxicological relevance, despite being exposed to a variety of extraction conditions, also including one worst-case scenario. For this reason, we can affirm that this material is a secure and reliable option for pharmaceutical applications.”

Founder and CEO of Loop Industries, Daniel Solomita, mentioned, “The pharmaceutical industry demands the highest standards of safety and performance for their packaging solutions. The results of this study showcase the exceptional performance of our Loop™ PET and demonstrates that it surpasses the rigorous requirements of pharmaceutical packaging applications. By providing an innovative packaging solution and sustainable alternative to virgin PET that is reliable and ensures product safety, we are addressing the critical needs of the pharmaceutical industry.”

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