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Sweden’s Site Zero Plastic Recycling plant is expanding and upgrading

by | Dec 14, 2023

Site Zero in Sweden has recently made the announcement that it will be opening its plastic recycling plant, which has now been evolved into a state-of-the-art facility. The plant has been expanded and upgraded through the addition of new technology.

A collaboration between Site Zero and Sutco, over the Svensk Plaståtervinning polymer sorting plant has led to the integration of TOMRA’s advanced sorting technology. This technology has significantly improved the plant, so that it can now process 42 metric tons of material every hour, plus it is capable of sorting the Swedish plastic packaging waste into 12 separate and distinct fractions.

This technological advancement is an addition to the plant which Site Zero is incredibly happy with as the technology is so advanced it is able to separate 12 polymer types, whilst ensuring purity levels of 98%. The plant now houses 60 TOMRA AUTOSORT machines which have been carefully placed along a 5km long sorting line. Once the plastic has gone through this process, the now sorted materials are ready to be dispatched to recyclers within the EU. Plans for local recycling capabilities for the main fractions, have now been started, but so far, the new progress which has been made will already significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste within the world, through the use of this innovative technology.

TOMRA’s technology was chosen to be the adaptation the company went ahead with, due to the portfolio of projects the TOMRA Group already has and has had success with. The variety of projects, show TOMRA as a leader in the senior-based sorting technologies market, within the global recycling and waste management industry. The group currently has more than 9,000 systems installed and in use throughout 100 countries and the company also continues to push innovation forwards. They do this with a particular focus on resource recovery and the ideal of contributing to a sustainable future in mind. Evidently, the most prominent way they work towards their goal of resource recovery and a sustainable future, is through reducing plastic waste and improving plastic waste recycling systems.

Along with the excellent step forwards which Site Zero’s partnership with TOMRA’s technology has taken, which physically and immediately benefits the environment, the technology also comes with a cloud-based data platform. This online platform presents users of the technology to monitor the sorting process in near-real time. The benefits of this include ensuring the sorting process is as efficient as possible which consequently leads to an increased cost-effectiveness. Therefore data-driven technology, allows this improved recycling process to improve further, reduce more plastic waste and help the environment faster.

Looking back on Site Zero’s history, it is extremely clear how far this company has come since opening in 2019. Since the beginning, the company has focused on its objective to create and develop a circular economy for plastics and every enhancement and upgrade it has gone through, has brought it closer and closer to that objective.

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