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Symington chooses Greiner Packaging’s K3® r100

by | Jul 10, 2024

An impressive step forwards for the plastic waste packaging industry has been made by Symington, who has recently chosen to switch the material they have been using for their Oatburst instant porridge packaging.

For a long time the brand has only been using Greiner Packaging’s K3® cardboard-plastic packaging solution for its Naked brand instant noodles. However now the company has made the leap and has decided to package their Oatburst instant porridge in the K3® packaging as well. Symington has been using this packaging on its noodles since 2021, highlighting their commitment to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable practices. However, their choice to add more of their products to their sustainable packaging portfolio, not only makes them the first UK food producer to switch its Oatburst instant porridge brand to Greiner’s award winning K3® r100 self-separating variant. It also emphasises this commitment and indicates how dedicated this company is to reducing plastic waste.

This particular innovative form of packaging was created by Greiner Packaging more than forty years ago and the intention behind creating it, was to design packaging that could be recycled. This aim was achieved, along with other benefits, which include the K3® being convenient, having an aesthetic appeal for consumers and promoting sustainability above all else.

The packaging includes a unique tear-tab, which has been included to allow consumers to separate the cardboard outer wrap from the lightweight plastic cup. Being able to do this allows the consumer to recycle the outer wrap easily and due to this part of the cup being separated from the unrecyclable plastic half, the outer wrap becomes suitable to go into the recycling stream, therefore reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability.

Taking this commitment to recycling further, Greiner has designed the packaging K3® r100 with the ability to separate itself before reaching the near-infrared detecting (NIR) system at the recycling facility. This clever design means that before the processes of proper detection, sorting and recycling have occurred, the packaging can be assigned to the correct material streams. This is made possible because the packaging will separate before entering that part in the process, so that recycling can always go ahead.

Greiner Packaging UK & Ireland Sustainability and Innovation Manager, Rachel Sheldon, commented, “The K3® r100 product innovation has made the impossible possible. The cardboard wrap and plastic packaging separate from each other without human intervention during the waste disposal process. This means that achieving a high recyclability rate (up to 98%) does not depend on proper separation by the end consumer – which was the case with all previous K3® packaging – as it now happens completely independently before the used packaging reaches the recycling facility.”

Symington’s Finance Director, Julian Wetton, mentioned, “Oatburst is ideal for people on the go, so we are delighted that however consumers dispose of the empty container when they have finished enjoying their instant porridge snack, the two packaging materials will self-separate to enable recycling during the waste disposal process. We were already fans of the original K3® packaging solution from Greiner Packaging, but this new K3® r100 development is really exciting as we can be confident that we have put a perfectly recyclable product into the market.”

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