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Technologia JSC launches T-Tap Revolver to tackle single-use plastic waste

by | May 16, 2024

Technologia JSC has designed the T-Tap Revolver, a new kind of flexible packaging for beverages, which has attached tamper protection, making it flexible packaging. Technologia JSC is a leading packaging manufacturer and they have chosen to design this new packaging, in order to comply with the EU Single Use Plastics Directive 2019/904.

It was in July 2024 that the new EU regulations were announced and this stated that all beverages in plastic containers up to 3 liters required attached caps and lids. This is where the design for the T-Tap Revolver comes in, which is ready to provide a successful and cost-effective pathway to transitioning to tethered caps.

This adaptation’s improved opening indicator, a one-piece ring, is deactivated by a simple spin and stays attached as part of the tap throughout its lifetime. This not only aligns with the new regulations, but it also effectively solves any issues related to uncontrolled littering and simultaneously promotes environmental responsibility when it comes to producers and consumers. Furthermore, the T-Tap REVOLVER features an added locking function. It avoids waste and contamination, preserving the product for maximum consumption.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC board member, Sergiy Zayets, commented, “Our relentless commitment to quality and cutting-edge research is reflected in the development of the T-Tap REVOLVER. It is more than just a product, it symbolizes a dedication to innovation and sustainability. We believe that environmentally responsible solutions are the key to success in modern business. Together we are creating the future of packaging and setting new quality standards in the industry.” 

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