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Thermoformed Plastic from SupplyOne becomes a sustainable packaging solution

by | May 2, 2024

SupplyOne, Inc., is the largest independent and successful supplier of custom corrugated packaging products, as well as packaging solutions such as equipment and services, within the U.S. Their thermoformed plastic products have been proven to be excellent forms of sustainable packaging, which have also been shown to draw in more customers and cut production costs.

Whilst the innovative packaging product is both recyclable, environmentally friendly and helps to minimise waste, it also comes in a variety of designs and it provides consumers with the ability to reduce non-renewable materials.

The use of this specific kind of packaging, promotes the practise of reusability, whilst simultaneously reducing the density of packages. These benefits lead to a supply chain which is streamlined and much more sustainable, as it maintains an excellent product flow, whilst also minimising the amount of excess waste being produced. A further benefit of this kind of packaging is that thermoformed plastic products extend the shelf life of produce, whilst also reducing costs that come with transit. This means that the excellent developments made by SupplyOne, are not only better for the environment, but also help to reduce plastic waste through providing an eco-friendly packaging option.

SupplyOne has developed an array of thermoformed plastic products, including clamshells, trays, blisters and blister cards. The company has four decades of design and development experience behind it and their excellent GN800 thermoforming manufacturing technology, along with their 3D printing equipment, mean that their speed to market is excellent, along with their product quality.

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