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Traceless Materials has received 36.6 million euros in funding for their first industrial plant

by | Sep 26, 2023

Traceless Materials is a bioeconomy start-up company based in Hamburg who have recently been awarded 36 million euros in funding, a very significant investment.

This funding will enable the company to build their first industrial plant which will be used to produce a bio-circular alternative to plastic. The plant will be able to produce an impressive amount of biomaterial and it will also include multiple other benefits which make the plant and product sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The biomaterial the plant will produce will have a minimal ecological footprint; it will also be able to replace thousands of tons of regular plastics. The processes of this plant are designed to be sustainable and co-friendly so it will save 91% of Co2 emissions and 89% of fossil energy requirements. The plant in Hamburg is under construction and will become a demonstration plant and with this plant in place Traceless Materials aims to be able to tackle global plastic pollution, climate change, resource scarcity and bio-diversity loss directly. The plant will be equipped with excellent, innovative technology and will be able to transform a variety of end products, making it an integral step towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

The company’s technology is based on natural polymers, enabling the plant to move away from the current issues with usual plastic production, which allows the company to avoid the issues that accompany the normal plastic production process. The material which Traceless uses is produced as granulate which can be easily manufactured into a range of products. Some examples of these products include, rigid molded parts, flexible films, paper coatings and adhesives. All these options represent that Traceless Materials can easily produce products which lots of companies rely on plastic to create, portraying that this bioeconomy start-up company is the way forwards for creating a more sustainable, plastic-free world.

Furthermore, Traceless Materials has also already created partnerships with companies where pilot products are being created and tested. These partnerships will aid Traceless Materials further, through being able to refine the products that are being tested and improve through test results, as well as continue to expand their product market.

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