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Volvo’s EX90 All-Electric SUV Interior to be Made of Bio-Based Materials

by | Oct 27, 2022

The interior of Volvo’s new EX90 All-Electric SUV in Sweden will be made from an innovative bio-based material called Nordico. 

The automotive company said Nordico is a technically advanced material created from textiles comprised of recycled materials such as PET bottles and biomaterials from forests in Sweden and Finland. 

“In line with our ambitions in circularity, the Volvo EX90 also contains more recycled plastics in order to use less finite, primary resources. In addition to the recycled PET bottles, the Volvo EX90 consists of almost 50 kilograms of recycled plastics and bio-based materials. That’s the highest amount of non-primary fossil-based materials in our line-up and sets a new bar for the future,” Volvo said.

“The carpets also embrace the concept of circularity, partly consisting of regenerated polyamide,” the company added.

Image credit Volvo

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