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Walkers has introduced a new packaging design for Snack A Jacks

by | Apr 4, 2024

It was announced on the 3rd of April 2024 by Walkers that the well-known crisp brand will be introducing a new kind of packaging for all Snack A Jack multipacks. This new packaging design will consist of a new paper outer bag and the aim of this re-design is to reduce the amount of virgin plastic the company uses by 65 tonnes annually.

This decision to re-design the packaging comes after the Walkers Baked multipack’s new format, which was introduced last year and portrayed extremely successful and positive results. This new format was the latest adaptation from PepsiCo Positive, until this new development. The previous move went through the transition due to a focus on a health and sustainability transformation plan that was developed through Walkers’ parent company. One of the goals lying behind this initiative was to help the company reach net zero emissions by 2040.

Now that the previous development has occurred and been successful, Walkers decided to move forwards with this drive and this is where the new packaging format for Snack A Jacks came in. This new packaging design is made up of an outer paper bag that is able to be recycled through home recycling bins and it can also be collected at the kerbside, if it is placed with other paper packaging. The reasons behind this change in packaging include the benefits that both the company and the environment will receive from this, including the potential for lowering greenhouse gas emissions for each pack by an estimated 52%. The packets that will go through this packaging switch will include Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Chive and BBQ flavours, all of which will be available within the next month.

This next step is another excellent move forwards for Pepsi Co, as it aligns with their aim of eliminating the use of fossil-based plastic in both crips packets and snack bags by 2030. It is not only Snack A Jacks that this ambition applies to; it also includes Walkers, Doritos, Quavers, Wotsits and Pipers. The plan for this adaptation will only be delivered through the use of 100% either recycled or renewable content.

UK Packaging Sustainability Lead, PepsiCo, Gareth Callan, commented, “Our outer paper multibag packs are working well on Walkers Baked, giving us the confidence to roll out this format across more of our snacks brands. The new packaging will help further reduce our non-fossil plastic use, while also helping to lower our carbon footprint as we work towards our commitment to creating a world where packaging never becomes waste.”

Marketing Manager, Snack A Jacks  Hannah Freeman, added, “As the UK’s favourite rice cake brand, we’re proud to be introducing even more reasons to love our delicious snacks. Easily recycled with your usual household paper recycling, these new outer packs can be disposed of thoughtfully with little fuss. We hope our devoted fans of Snack A Jacks will enjoy this small but important change we’ve made to make their snacking experience even more enjoyable at home.”

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