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Wild, the refillable deodorant company, has developed the “world’s first 100% plastic-free, compostable, liquid cosmetics refill”

by | Aug 16, 2023

Wild is a UK-based company, which launched their first product, Wild deodorant, the world’s first refillable deodorant that has completely plastic-free, compostable refills, in 2020, with the aim to “challenge the throwaway culture of bathroom products”.

Wild has now released a shower gel bottle which is made from 70% bamboo starch and 30% plant starch from agricultural waste. This design occurred through a collaboration with industrial design agency and innovation consultancy Morrama. Jo Barnard, the founder of Morrama said it took 3 years of material testing to arrive at this design. Multiple materials were tested, however using bamboo and plant starch proved to be the most effective, as bamboo is a material that grows quickly and is naturally waterproof, whilst the plant starch enhances refill’s structural integrity.

The design was developed by Morrama and the result is minimal impact on the environment, but premium aesthetic and convenient user experience.

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