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Yorkshire Packaging Systems will be displaying their packaging solutions at Empack

by | Jan 25, 2024

The latest developments in sustainable packaging will be showcased at Empack’s event and Yorkshire Packaging Systems (YPS) will be displaying how their various new films work and also how they are better for the environment.

YPS will be displaying a compostable film along with an I-sealer which is a machine that when combined with the film, produces a high-gloss finish and strong seal. This type of finish for packaging will mean that a more environmentally friendly product will both do the job it is required for and look good as display packaging. Having the film and the machine on show at the event and running demonstrations throughout the day will provide visitors with an excellent opportunity to witness the machine and film in action. Seeing this display will hopefully drive forwards this initiative to move towards environmentally friendly plastic free alternatives.

The film was made by YPS, a European company and is available from 12-38 microns. The film also has effective tensile strength, along with an excellent finish that is both bright and transparent. Making this excellent finish possible is the I-sealer machine which has been designed specifically to be easy for the operator to use. The machine is fully automatic and also comes with a large infeed belt for loading, a front and rear opening for better and easier access, plus simple, graphics-based controls. Making this machine in this way, will make it much easier and simpler to use, therefore encouraging a wider variety of parties and businesses to use it, consequently driving forwards the use of plastic-free film and packaging.

YPS has multiple other films on offer as well, such as a twin-lane side-feed sleeve wrapper and a market-leading bagging machine. This makes YPS’s latest film options, another addition to their wide range of green film options. All of these options are recyclable and a large variety of them are manufactured out of at least 30% recycled material. The range also includes bio-based material and food-contact approved recycled content specifications, making it a highly innovative and expertly deigned product, which the company hope will push the plastic free packaging drive forwards.

YPS MD, Glyn Johnson, commented, “We can’t wait to show visitors this innovative, green packaging development. The finish we can achieve with this film proves that there’s no need to compromise on quality when you’re pursuing sustainable goals.”

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