Lenzing creates unprecedented level of traceability

Lenzing creates unprecedented level of traceability

September 15, 2020
Press Release: Lenzing

Most of the top 100 fashion brands have announced targets for 100% sustainable fibers target by 2025, although less than 5% of those brands can trace their textile inputs to verify the sustainability credentials of the fiber producers. This helps explain why the first ‘core priority for immediate implementation’ of the CEO Agenda (from Global Fashion Agenda) is supply chain traceability

To address this pressing challenge, three sustainability pioneers in the fashion industry – Lenzing, ArmedAngels and Schneider – have joined hands with TextileGenesis to create an unprecedented level of traceability. The fiber-to-retail traceability pilots covered 45 garment styles each containing Lenzing ECOVERO specialty viscose fibers or AUTHENTICO organic wool, from supply chains spanning six countries.

Using the innovative Fibercoin technology of the TextileGenesis  platform, Lenzing, ArmedAngels, and Schneider were able to issue digital blockchain ‘assets’ (or tokens) in direct proportion to the physical shipments of Lenzing ECOVERO and Authentico fibers. These digital tokens provide a unique ‘fingerprint’ and authentication mechanism, preventing adulteration and providing a secure, digital chain-of-custody across the entire textile value chain.

“We at ARMEDANGELS believe that sustainable products start with transparency,” commented Martin Hoefler, CEO and founder of ArmedAngels. “But product traceability in the textile supply chain can be quite a challenge. Our aim is always to make a difference. To find the best partners, to push boundaries together and find solutions! Cooperating with TextileGenesis and conducting two successful real-time blockchain-based traceability projects showed us that it is not only about sustainability, fraud protection, quantification and accountability, but also a true return on invest. Plus, the platform provides a true global language for supply chain tracking.”

Lenzing has been at the forefront of the digital traceability and showcased a ‘first-of-a-kind’ blockchain-enabled traceability for TENCEL-branded fibers at the Hong Kong fashion summit last year. “The objective of this pilot was to demonstrate scalability across all generation of wood-based cellulosic fibers and therefore we chose Lenzing ECOVERO fibers – the most sustainable viscose – for traceability,” explained Robert van de Kerkhof, CCO and board member of Lenzing. “We believe that traceability and sustainability are deeply interconnected, and as market pioneers we are paving the way for the rest of the industry. The combination of physical markers in Lenzing ECOVERO and the supply chain traceability on TextileGenesis creates the industry’s most comprehensive fiber assurance mechanism – brands can be fully sure they actually receive when they pay for Lenzing’s sustainable fibers.”.  In the fourth quarter of 2020, Lenzing will roll out TextileGenesis globally for its TENCEL and Lenzing ECOVERO fibers portfolio.

Schneider Group, one of the industry’s leading wool tops producers, demonstrated complete farm-to-retail traceability for its AUTHENTICO program (a sustainable wool program with deep engagement among sheep-growers in Australia, New Zealand and Argentina). “Schneider led the way with Organic wool tops production and carbon neutral wool offering and is again paving the way for the wool industry to an unprecedented level of traceability,” added Jeffrey Losekoot, CEO of The Schneider Group. “Our AUTHENTICO wool program is unique due to its grass-root engagement with growers, and we wanted to offer the possibility for brands to have the complete supply chain visibility for AUTHENTICO wool. The pilots with TextileGenesis demonstrate the scalability of the technology across the supply chain and creates an innovative way to offer complete assurance to brands and consumers.”

TextileGenesis is an industry-leading traceability platform for the fashion industry and invented Fibercoins technology (patent pending). It’s a global network of sustainable fiber producers, leading brands, and key industry organizations to accelerate the adoption of fiber-to-retail traceability. “Fashion and textiles is one of the most fragmented industries, resulting in highly opaque supply chains,” suggested Amit Gautam, CEO and founder of TextileGenesis. “Our focus from the beginning has been to build a truly scalable fiber-to-retail traceability platform for the industry. In five years, we believe that majority of top 100 brands will only source sustainable and traceable textile raw materials.”

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