MSYG introduces polyester yarns that biodegrade through CiCLO technology

MSYG introduces polyester yarns that biodegrade through CiCLO technology

June 18, 2020
Press Release: MYSG

Intrinsic Advanced Materials has developed a technology known as ‘CiCLO’ that allows polyester fibers to break down in landfills and the ocean at rates comparable to a natural fiber such as wool

The company was formed to develop and commercialize innovative and sustainable solutions for the textile industry, with a team made up of scientists, engineers and textile industry veterans who are outdoor enthusiasts and feel passionately about protecting the planet.

Parkdale Advanced Materials, Inc, the fibers and yarns division of Parkdale Inc, and Intrinsic Textiles Group, formed Intrinsic Advanced Materials, a joint venture, to bring CiCLO Sustainable Textile Technology to market.

Meridian Specialty Yarn Group, Inc is now offering polyester yarns processed with CiCLO technology. This includes yarns with CiCLO technology for the hosiery markets, initially for performance and hiking socks. Yarns with CiCLO are also available from MSYG for medical PPE including medical gowns, lab coats, medical setting curtains and other medical textiles typically made from polyester.

“Yarns with CiCLO technology can be treated with antimicrobials proven effective at reducing exposure to viral infections and have the same beauty, wearability, durability, functionality and performance characteristics consumers expect from polyester,” explained Stephen Hudson, senior vice president, Specialty Markets at MSYG. “At the same time, when thrown away, CiCLO yarns reduce the persistence of synthetic textile accumulation in landfills and synthetic fiber fragments in the ocean.

“Our goal is to create large-scale, positive environmental change by making CiCLO fibers as accessible as possible,” added Andrea Ferris, CEO of Intrinsic Advanced Materials. “Both [hosiery and PPE] are high-volume textile categories that require high-performance polyester. Now, with CiCLO and MSYG, manufacturers in those industry sectors have an end-of-life solution for their polyester products.

“The chemistry used to create CiCLO fibers is ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX certified, and Intrinsic Advanced Materials is a member of both the Textile Exchange and the Outdoor Industry Association. Extensive testing by reliable third party laboratories over several years has proven that CiCLO® technology fibers and yarns are effective at reducing synthetic fiber accumulation in landfills and microfiber pollution in the oceans.

“The partnership between MSYG and CiCLO technology is very complimentary,” Hudson concluded. “We have a new state-of-the-art dyehouse designed to vastly reduce environmental impact and CiCLO technology addresses a longstanding environmental issue with synthetic fibers.”

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