ReCircled seeks to create a sustainable fashion loop

ReCircled seeks to create a sustainable fashion loop

April 30, 2020
Press Release: ReCircled

ReCircled, a start-up business focused on sustainable fashion, has announced the opening of two modern factories that will provide the infrastructure for fashion brands to move from a linear business model to one that is circular

With a facility in Cozad, Nebraska to handle the USA and the second in Prato, Italy, to handle the European market, ReCircled will handle merchandise that has been returned, is damaged or pre-owned for many of the leading global fashion brands.

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, clothing is the second largest use of landfills globally. With the fashion industry stuck in a linear business model of take-make-waste, they have offered four initiatives that the fashion and clothing industry can take to move to a circular model. These initiatives include producing more durable clothing that can be repaired, rental, subscription business models, and for fashion brands to enter the resale market.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation recommends that fashion brands work with a third party to develop and execute these initiatives. With a lack of actual facilities that can handle these initiatives, ReCircled is positioned to handle these initiatives.

The ReCircled facilities will receive and sort garments that have been returned to the brands. They will sort items by usable and unusable. Unusable items will be resorted for fiber recycling. Usable items will then be cleaned using the latest waterless, CO2 cleaning, repairs will be done and finally each item will be photographed for resale. ReCircled will build an e-commerce site for each brand that can be integrated into the brand’s current e-commerce platform or can stand on its own.

“Our proprietary process for sorting, cleaning and repairing garments and accessories, and our unique e-commerce platform, allows brands to keep items at their highest value, a core strategy of sustainability,” commented Scott Kuhlman, co-founder. “ReCircled has put together a team of industry veterans including Principal Tom Ott, who said, “After several decades in the fashion industry, this project is one that allows the brands I have worked with over the years to become responsible to the environment and allows them to reach a customer they have not reached in the past.”

With the thought that sustainability and responsibility will lead fashion back from the current global climate crisis, ReCircled is the turnkey solution for fashion brands to enter the circular economy.

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